Goorui side channel blowers

Goorui side channel regenerative blowers are produced in an ISO 9001 company. Goorui manufactures a long-life, high quality air blower.

Ecotao supplies single stage (1R) and double stage (2R) (GHBH models) blowers. The single stage blower have one impeller. Two-stage blowers have two impellers that sustain a high air flow and high pressure. The GHBG  range has the highest pressures. Goorui motors adopt a wide voltage range dual frequency 50/60Hz, IP54 F class, CE and RoHs certified motors.

Goorui also offers special customized series and tailor made products including PCB acid and alkali resistant solution, anti corrosion blower and anti explosion blowers (ATEX, explosion-proof).

Side channel blowers are also called ring blowers and can also function as vacuum pumps or vacuum blowers. The vacuum and pressure capacity is generally below 500 millibars, so far above the blower category described as fans. We do have one 7.5kw, three stage model with a capacity fro -730 mbar vacuum to 1040 mbar pressure delivery.

For the Goorui brand, 25kw is the biggest motor, with just over 2000 cubic meters per hour maximum capacity. For bigger capacities we switch to multistage centrifugal blowers.

As every blower requirement and application is unique, we generally need so select and advise on a suitable blower. For this we need a description of the application, the altitude (or city), the air flow rate needed and the gauge pressure at this air flow rate. For, example, a water depth of 1 meter requires 100mbar air pressure at sea level, plus some allowance for friction losses (30 to 50mbar) and 1 meter of micropore diffuser hose delivers 40 liters per minute.

Goorui blowers
Goorui regenerative blowers