Ecotao Enterprises cc is a specialist equipment supplier. We have an Ecotao general product site and this shopping site. Our equipment range is supplied very broadly, including to laboratory, industry, agriculture (including aquaculture and forestry), engineering and environmental science businesses. We deliver throughout South Africa and neighboring countries.


Specialty equipment supplier

Our main product categories are:

Laboratory equipment – a diverse range of options

Netting and pond liners suited to industrial applications

Nylon and polyester screen mesh

Stainless steel screen mesh ultra fine micron to heavy duty 316

Protective sleeves for equipment and tools packaging

Water-related Equipment – a range of equipment for ponds and aquatic applications

Submersible, general use and wellpoint pumps

Ozone water treatment

Titanium heaters, control panels and accessories

Air blowers, single phase, three phase, portable 12 volt and battery

Side channel (regenerative, ring) blowers for specialist applications

PVC and stainless steel valves, gate valves, three way valves.

Biofiltration, ozone, drum filters and foam fractionaters

UV sterilization

Valves for pump pipe lines, manual and automated valves, flow control valves, pressure reduction valves solenoid actuated etc.

Biofilter media with a large surface area for aquaculture

Sand filters

HACCP-related and Processing plant equipment

Ice production equipment – tube, flake, cube ice production

Chemicals & probiotics – selected environmentally friendly remedial chemical products and probiotics used in aquatic environments Nitrosomonas & Nitrobacter etc. Clove oil, Virkon S, chloramine T (halamid) and povidone iodine are generally in stock.

Fish hormones (Ovaprim)

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