Regenerative Blowers

Regenerative air blowers are low-maintenance, oiless, contact free machines. A regenerative blower will operate for years without the being serviced. With a relatively low noise and high pressure capacity, they are ideal for vacuum and air delivery applications. These blowers are also called ring blowers and side channel blowers (“vortex” or “ring compressors”). They have only one moving part, the impeller. Long-term maintenance is of motor bearings.

Two-stage blowers have two impellers to create higher pressures. A regenerative blower with 2 impellers is far superior in air volume delivered per kilowatt when compared to single-stage (one impeller) side-channel blowers. With two impellers, air flow is better maintained and a higher pressure is achieved than with a similar-sized single stage blower. This is evident from the blower curves.

Careful attention must be given to the air delivery line size (pipe internal diameter) and the amount of air released (or drawn) in relation to the blower motor size and rated capacity. The total pressure and air delivery estimate should be within the regenerative air blower’s curve for maximum pressure and maximum flow capacity.