Air Compressors

For lower airflows, such as for aquariums and smaller tanks, we supply a range of air pumps or air compressors, ranging from 10lpm at 1m water depth (2 x 50mm diameter air stones) to the ACO-500 with a 280 lpm maximum airflow.

The compressor type blower offered is suited to 24/7 operation and impressively high maximum pressures. The ACO-500, and LP100, for example, can aerate easily to the bottom of a 3m high water storage tank. These electromagnetic air compressor pumps produce strong airflows and are often used in septic tanks, aquaponics, fish farms or aquariums with dedicated or multiple airflows (protein skimmers, ozone generators, air stones, aeration hose etc.).

Between fish tank sized blowers and side channel blowers (larger aeration requirements), these diaphragm-type blowers deliver a suitable pressure and air volume for most small tank operations. We supply the Hailea ACO range and the Waterfall LP ranges, allowing for a variety of air delivery rates.