Multiparameter Water Meter-pH/EC/SALT/TDS/DO

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Multiparameter, portable water testing meter kit for pH, EC (conductivity), salinity, TDS (total dissolved solids), DO (dissolved oxygen) and temperature

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Multiparameter, portable water testing meter kit for pH, EC, salinity, TDS, DO and temperature. IP67 waterproof rating, 99 points memories with recall function; Multiple points calibration: 3 points for pH, 1 point for D.O., 4 points for conductivity. Rapid dissolved oxygen measurement. Replaceable probes. Temperature unit ℃/℉ is switchable. 0-42ppt for seawater.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 30 cm

AZ Instruments

Model Number


Power type

4 x AAA batteries


200g (meter)

Battery included


Product size

169 x 78.3 x 43.4mm (meter)

Back light


Can be calibrated


D.O. range

0.0~199.9% (0.0~30.0mg/L)

Salinity range

Seawater 0~42.0 ppt

pH range


Conductivity range

0~199.9, 0~1999uS/cm, 0~19.99, 0~150.0mS/cm

TDS range (f is TDS fctor)

0~199.9*f, 0~1999*f ppm, 0~19.99*f, 0~150.0*f ppt

Temperature range

-5~60.0 C