Portable total suspended solids meter

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Portable TSS meter (total suspended solids to 45000 mg/L)

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The portable suspended solid meter (portable mlss meter, TSS meter) consists of a meter and a suspension sensor. The sensor is based on a combined infrared absorption scatter ray method, and the ISO 7027 method can be used to continuously and accurately determine the suspended matter (sludge concentration). The suspended matter (sludge concentration) value was determined according to ISO 7027 infrared double scattering light technology without chromatic influence. Application:Widely used in on-site portable monitoring of water suspended solids in sewage treatment, surface water, universities, research institutes, etc.



Portable host IP66 protection, sensor is IP68.

Ergonomic curve design with rubber washers for hand-held operation, easy to grasp in wet conditions.

Factory calibration, no calibration required in one year, can be calibrated on site

Data recording function and with 8G for storage data.

Digital sensor, easy to use and fast in the field, and plug and play with portable host

With USB interface, it can charge the built-in battery and export data through USB interface.

0.1-20000 Mg/L, 0.1-45000 Mg/L, (range optional)

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 30 cm

TSS meter specification

MLSS-1708 TSS portable meter parameters
MLSS-1708 TSS portable meter parameters