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An egg candler is an essential tool during embryonic development to check if chick embryos are developing correctly. This saves a lot of time and money as you know which eggs stand the best chances of hatching. Egg candling during egg/chick incubation is a method to determine egg fertility.

Candling is a method used to observe the growth and development of a chick embryo inside an egg which uses a bright light source behind the egg to show details through the shell.

Candling detects bloody whites, blood spots, or meat spots, and enables observation of germ development. Candling is done in a darkened room with the egg held before a light.

Gently pick up one of the eggs and hold it up to the light, without looking directly at the light. Hold the larger end of the egg against the light, turning it slowly. Look inside the egg to observe the embryo inside. LED light sources like this battery powered candler are useful as they do not allow the embryo to get too hot.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

30 eggs


Plastic and metal

Light source

Ultra Bright and Durable LED lights