12 volt, 20m head submersible water pump

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12 Volt submersible pump, 264 watt, 20m maximum head, 25mm outlet. Built-in MPPT inverter. As the controller is internal, the pump can be directly connected to a solar panel.

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Model Number: M123T-20

Voltage: 12 VDC

Power: 264W

Flow rate: 3000L/H

Rotation speed: 3000r/m

Outlet: 25mm

Pump Diameter: 76mm

Fuel: Battery,solar energy

Application: Submersible

Cable length: 2m

Thory: Centifugal Pump

Material: Stainless Steel 304

Protection class: IP 68

Weight: 3KG


DC input, 12 voltage (10-22 volt range)
Built-in MPPT which can make the best use of the solar energy.
The pump can be directly connected to solar panels in sunshine without controller.
Over-voltage protection / Under-voltage protection: The pump will stop working automatically when the voltage is too high or too low; Then it will detect the voltage every 10 minutes, and it will start to work automatically when the voltage is between the working voltage range of the pump.
Environmental protection, achieve zero carbon dioxide emissions.Solved the water shortage problems of the area without electricity


Tank/Cistern filling
Village or family water supply
Water supply for farm
Garden/courtyard irrigation systems and livestock watering
Swimming pool filling
Water supply for bivouac or camping car
Solar water circulating system
Renewable energy projects