Solar powered scarecrow motion activated animal repelling sprayer

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Solar powered scarecrow motion activated animal repelling sprayer & garden watering sprinkler or cat deterrent. Repels animals with water. May sale: best sale price.

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The solar-powered water scarecrow sprayer is a motion-activated sensor to exclude or repel animals from up to 10m in an area (100 square meters).

It responds to motion with a harmless, three-second spray of water that uses only three cups of water to keep animals and pests at bay and away from crops, plants, gardens, lawns etc.

Settings allow gardern watering on a set time, options for the day only, night only, or 24 hours of protection.


Water Pressure: Maximum 80psi or 0.6MPa (5.5 Bar). Minimum 30psi or 0.2MPa.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 25 × 11 cm


Model Number


Power type

Solar energy and rechargeable battery

View angle

120 degrees

Adjustable distance

1 ~ 3 m, 3 ~ 6 m, 6 ~ 10 m



Spray range

adjustable to 300 ° and up to 10m distance

Solar Panel Size

8.5 * 4.5cm



Battery included



black ABS plastic

Use only rechargeable batteries with the scarecrow motion activated sprayer. Use only provided lever to push the spike into the ground. 4 X AA 1.5V rechargeable battery needed. Watering setting, 10, 20, 30 minutes spraying only. Motion sensitivity, L, M, H. Active times, D = day, N = night, A = all times, Off = stop working.


Water pressure

Water Pressure: Maximum 80psi or 0.55MPa (5.5 Bar). Minimum 30psi or 0.2MPa.

In general, residential water pressure ranges between 45-80 psi (pounds per square inch). If your water pressure is under 40 psi, it’s considered low. A psi between 20-30 is considered very low, and under the minimum water pressure required by most building codes.

The National Water Act states that the maximum pressure of the municipal supply must not be more than 900kPa. This may not be possible for them, therefore the owner must secure and control the incoming pressure to be at 600kPa maximum by means of a pressure control valve.