Potassium permanganate, 25kg

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25kg bucket of potassium permanganate.

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Potassium permanganate is available as a dry, purplish solid. Potassium permanganate is a point-of-entry treatment method that oxidizes dissolved iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide into solid particles (ie precipitates) that are filtered out of the water. It can also be used to control iron bacteria growth in wells.

Potassium permanganate is an oxidizer which can be used to “disinfect” the external surfaces of fish. It effectively removes most external parasites, as well as fungal and bacterial agents.

See: “Use of Potassium Permanganate to Control External Infections of Ornamental Fish“.

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Potassium permqnganate

Survival packs for water treatment and water purification



Wound sterilization


See, for the application of potassium permanganate: https://www.hollywoodfishfarm.co.nz/product/potassiumpermanganatekmno450g/

Plant Disinfectant
Hydra Treatment
Snail, Lice, Anchor Worm & Parasite Control

CAUTION: Remove Carbon from filter when using this in the aquarium. KMnO4 is a strong oxidizer – and will harm your biological filtration. Like all chemicals you should wear protective eyewear & gloves. It will stain clothing & skin etc. NEVER combine KMnO4 with formalin – this will result in explosive & dangerous gases. Please note it is not recommended to use KMnO4 in an aquarium with snails as they might die – unless you are using this product as a snail remover

Plant Disinfecting
To prepare for the disinfecting of aquatic plants, prepare 10 Litres of lukewarm clean tap water and drop 1/8 teaspoon of crystals into it and stir until the solution turns deep blue/purple. Dip the leaves of the plant into the solution for 10 minutes, being careful not to dip the roots of the plant in it. Then rinse off thoroughly. This will kill live snails as well as snail eggs and parasites

Aquarium Treatment
Potassium permanganate is an effective against the removal of Hydra, Snails & other external parasites. Remove all biological media prior to treatment. Dissolve 2mg of KMnO4 per 1L of water (approx. 1/5 teaspoon per 500L or 1/10 teaspoon (roughly just under 1g) per 250L or 0.065g per 50L) and spread evenly throughout the aquarium. The aquarium water should turn a pink to light purple colour – this needs to remain this colour for 4 – 6 hours. If the water turns yellow to dark brown then the water quality of your aquarium is not very good and you will need to and another dose until the water turns pink to light purple. Once the 4 – 6 hour time is up the water should turn to the yellow/brown colour or may even go back to normal, perform a 20 – 30% water change and add your usual chlorine remover. Please note if your fish show any signs of destress during this treatment perform a 50% water change immediately. You can repeat this does once every 3 days with a maximum of 3 treatments in total.

Fish Dip Treatment
Potassium permanganate can be used to treat parasites on individual fish. It will eliminate anchor worms, fish lice & costia and can help with flukes, fungus & many types of bacterial infections. Prepare 8 Litres of aquarium water and add 1/8 teaspoon (0.6g) of crystals. Stir until dissolved & dip fish into this solution for 5 – 10 mins (if the fish looks stressed remove it at once), Dip fish into a bucket of clean aquarium water for a few seconds to rinse and then put the fish back in the aquarium – DO NOT USE THIS LEVEL OF KMnO4 IN THE AQUARIUM. If you are using this treatment for the control of anchor worm you can try to remove the parasite with a pair of tweezers prior to the dip. – PLEASE NOTE THIS DIP IS THE STRENGTH SUGGESTED FOR SICK FISH-IF YOU ARE WANTING TO DO A PRECAUTION TREATMENT PLEASE ONLY DIP FOR 3 MINS AND USE AT 1/2 THE STRENGTH

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