Shoe and boot sterilization mat

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Biosecurity entrance mat for shoe and boot disinfection and sanitizing.

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Shoe and boot walk-in entrance disinfection, sanitization or sterilization mats


Sanitizing footbath mat, 1/2″ deep x 24″ x 32″

Grease Resistant Natural Rubber

Designed to hold water

The mats are designed for wet disinfection and sanitizing of footwear.

Use our product, “Virkon S” at 1 to 2% concentration for boot sterilization or disinfection.


Suitable Environment: Wet

Type Contamination Control; biosecurity; sanitization

The world is full of contamination. And while viruses and bacteria have only recently become a major concern, contamination has been infiltrating our homes and workplaces all along. Dirt, grime, and viruses can live on our shoes for days at a time. What are you doing to prevent them from entering your home or workplace? If sanitation and contamination protocols are important to you, then you NEED a Shoe Sanitizing Mat. The Shoe Sanitizing Mat aids in destroying viruses, bacteria, and microbes with ease. Simply fill with cleaning solution, and step through to decontaminate shoe soles and boots! Use a simple soap solution for your home and pets, or heavy chemicals to protect from dangerous viruses and bacteria. Thousands of rubber scrapers dislodge dirt and grime, while the disinfecting liquid fills in the gaps! The Shoe Sanitizing mat provides you critical protection from deadly contamination.

Chemically resistant to common disinfectant solutions.

1 gallon (3.8 liters) capacity based on size.

Fill with disinfectant solution to remove contaminants and germs.

Pliable rubber scrapers dislodge contaminants from shoe soles.

Especially effective for home, commercial, offices, and food production.

Effectively captures pounds of dirt between cleanings.

1/2″ (13 mm) depth.


shoe sanitizing mat
shoe sanitizing mat

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