Mini Centrifuge

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Mini Centrifuge: 12000 RPM, dentist and  veterinary centrifuge. The centrifuge includes a micro hematocrit rotor. In total, the high speed centrifuge includes 5 rotors.

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1 in stock. New product: arrives in October 2023.

Mini Centrifuge with 500 rpm incremental settings up to 12000 RPM for medical, dental and veterinary applications. This centrifuge is suitable for 40mm micro hematocrit tubes.

Speed: 500~12000rpm (step 500rpm)

Max. RCF: 9660×g

Acceleration/Deceleration time: 12/16s

Speed Accuracy: +-20r/min

Weight: 2.5kg


The fastest acceleration time:≤12s

The fastest deceleration time:≤16s

Similar to brand models such as the MyFuge™ 12 mini centrifuge (only 5500 rpm), the veterinary Mini Centrifuge LED 12K (XCM12) and VELAB’s PRO-12K micro centrifuge (only has 4 rotors).

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 35 × 35 × 40 cm

Rotor#1:Square Rotor 1.5ml/2.2ml × 12 + PCR 0.2ml × 8 × 4 Row (12000rpm)
Rotor#2: PCR 0.2ml × 12 × 4 Row (12000rpm)
Rotor#3: Angle 5ml x  4 (12000rpm)
Rotor#4: Hematocrit 40mm x 12 (12000rpm)
Rotor#5: 5ml/1.8ml/1.1ml × 4 (7000rpm)

centrifuge with rotor
centrifuge with rotor


rotor speeds and RCF maximum
rotor speeds and RCF maximum



rotors for centrifuge
rotors for centrifuge