Extech Infrared thermometer, body or surface contactless thermometer with 32 memory capacity, factory calibrated

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Extech Infrared thermometer, body (32°C-42.5°C) or surface (0-60°C) contactless thermometer, 5-15cm measure distance

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Infrared thermometer, body (32°C-42.5°C) or surface (0-0°C) contactless thermometer, 5-15cm messure distance, requires 2 x AA batteries. Accuracy at 5cm of +-0.3°C for 35-42.0°C. Rapid measuring time. Ideal for use at home or in businesses for covid-19 tempeature screening. Accuracy verified against 2 other brands. Also for use by mothers with babies and young children for general temperature monitoring. Surface measurement setting can check bottled milk temperature and other temperatures to 60°C.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 18 × 7 × 14 cm


Model Number


Power type

2 x AA battery

Body Temperature range


Surface Temperature range


Measuring range


Auto power off

<7 seconds

Can be calibrated




Battery included


Product size

89mm x 50mm x 150mm

Back light


Requires AA batteries (2). Mode button switches between surface and body temperature. The unit logs readings in memory, recalled by the down arrow key. Do not use rechargeable batteries in this device. Ensure that batteries are installed in the proper polarity orientation before use. Failure to observe these precautions can result in product overheating. Keep the unit in a dry, clean place free of dust. Read all instructions before using this product. For the most accurate results, make reading with an ambient (room) temperature of 23 to 27°C(73 to 82°F). Make sure the skin is dry and that no hair interferes with the measurement. Do not immerse the meter in water. Avoid touching and/or scratching the infrared sensor lens. Always use a clinical thermometer to verify any abnormal temperature measurements. Clean the lens area by gently blowing with compressed air and use a damp swabto wipe the lens. Do not use any solvents to clean the lens.Measurement Notes 1. If the meter has been stored in a cold or hot environment, allow it at least 20 minutes to acclimate to room temperature before making measurements. 2. To prevent transmission of disease, avoid direct contact with the skin. 3. After heavy exercise always wait at least 10 minutes before taking forehead temperature readings.