Yonker Infrared thermometer, baby, body or surface non-contact thermometer with 34 memory capacity, factory calibrated

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Infrared thermometer, body (34°C-42.9°C) or surface (0-100°C) non-contact (contactless) thermometer, 5-10cm measure distance for family use. Baby thermometer.

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Infrared thermometer, body (34°C-42.9°C) or surface (0-100°C) contactless (non-contact) thermometer, 5-10cm measure distance, requires 2 x AAA batteries. Accuracy at 5cm of +-0.2°C for 35-42.0°C. Rapid measuring time.Three colour backlight response, green (34-37.3°C, red (38-.1-42.9°C) and yellow (37.4-38°C). Ideal for use at home or in businesses for covid-19 temperature screening. This is also an essential tool for mothers. Check your baby’s or child’s temperature quickly and easily. Expectant mothers can check themselves and their close family to minimize sickness transmission through the detection of fevers and high temperatures. Newborns may appear feverish and this essential tool will help screen for temperatures. Accuracy is verified against 2 other brands. Another tool for use by mothers during pregnancy and with babies and young children for general temperature monitoring. Surface measurement setting can check bottled milk temperature and other temperatures to 100°C. Battery-saving auto power off in <10 seconds. This is not a medical tool and simply an aid. Always consult your doctor and do not rely on any form of diagnosis other than your medical doctor.

Priced below cost as a useful and essential gift for mothers.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 6 × 11 cm


Model Number


Power type

2 x AAA battery

Body Temperature range


Surface Temperature range


Measuring range


Auto power off

<10 seconds

Can be calibrated




Battery included


Product size

89mm x 50mm x 144mm

Back light

Yes. Three colour backlight response, green (34-37.3°C, red (38-.1-42.9°C) and yellow (37.4-38°C).

Requires AAA batteries (2). Mode button switches between surface and body temperature. The unit logs readings in memory, recalled by the down arrow key. To delete memory, whent the unit is OFF, press and hold the MODE key while pressing the trigger. The unit is be set by defult to degrees Celsius. If not, hold the MODE key until F1 appears, then press the “V” down button to switch between Celsius and Farenheit scales. Do not change the default settings. However, people sometimes inadvertently change the default factory setting. For calibration of the unit, swith on and hold the MODE key until F1 appears on the screen. Then, press the mode screen again. The screen will switch from F1 to F2. Pressing the up or down arrows will increment the temperature setting by 0.1 degree Celsius. Battery polarity is indicated in the lid. Please place the batteries correctly. Incorrect battery orienation can damage the unit. Do not get dirt in the lens sensor area. Keep the unit in a dry, clean place free of dust. Body Temperature Mode settings1.With the meter OFF, press the MODE button once to set the C/Ftemperature units. The temperature units will flash. Press the ▲or ▼buttons to change the units.2.Press the MODE button a second time to set the alarm temperature limit. Press the ▲or ▼buttons to change the value.3.Press the MODE button a third time to enter the long-termcalibration drift correction mode. On entering the mode, the previous temperature correction factor will appear on the display. To make a correction, measure a known, fixed temperature source. Enter the correction mode and press the ▲or ▼buttons to change the correction value and minimize the difference in readings. Repeat and adjust the correction value as needed until the measurement on the IR200 matches the known temperature.4.Press the MODE button a fourth time to set the alarm buzzer status. Press the ▲or ▼buttons to switch from ON to OFF.