Wind Speed Tester, Thermal Anemometer GT8911


The hot wire (thermal) anemometer GT8911 is a professional instrument that measures wind speed and temperature. Anemometer model GT8911 measures wind speed in various environments, such as wind speed measurement engineering, air conditioning, quality control, and health control. Use this anemometer in wind speed measurement for various occasions like factories, schools, offices, transportation routes, families, etc.
The wind speed and temperature tester has a retractable handle design & flexible gooseneck. You can easily measure in narrow, high spaceswith the extendable handle.  The anemometer measures wind speed and wind volume, with a data storage function, which can record 960 data. You can determine maximum and minimum wind flows with the anemometer. You determine and track real-time measurements when the meter is connected via USB to the software. Included is a back light and data hold option. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are included with the meter.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
Velocity range

0.00 ~ 30.00 m/sec


High sensitivity down to 0.1 m/sec


Units of measure: m/sec, ft/min, km/h, knots, mph


Air: 0 ~ 45°C


960 Data points, Manual or Auto record

Data access

USB port for real-time connection with PC software (free download)

Probe length

Telescopic probe up to 1000mm with tip diameter 10mm

Power source

Built-in rechargeable battery (approx. 6-7 hours use)

Packing list

Carry case, probe, USB cable, rechargeable battery and charger

Hot Wire Anemometer instrument specification GT8911
Hot Wire Anemometer instrument specification GT8911
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