Ceramic diffuser with stainless steel base

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Ceramic diffuser with stainless steel base. 31 x 6CM for 3-9LPM.

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Ceramic diffuser

Ceramic diffuser size: 31 x 6CM for 3-9LPM. Stainless steel base. Manufactured in China.

These diffusers require a high pressure and are generally used connected to an oxygen or carbon dioxide cylinder via a control manifold to regulate the flow and pressure. Pressure and flow need to be regulated.

The microbubble oxygen diffuser produces a cloud of extremely fine bubbles – 100 to 500 microns (ultrafine bubbles (avg. 120 microns at 40cm height) that readily diffuse into water). This is much finer than graphite or carborundum diffusers porous hose and because the diffuser is flat, the bubbles do not coalesce as with circular section diffusers. The diffuser uses an ultra fine pore ceramic plate which ensures uniform bubbles across its entire surface. The ceramic is a clean and inert material.

Pressure Specifications

Bubbling pressure: 25 to 35 psi. (1.7 to 2.4 bar)