SPA Pool/Bathtub Inline Heater 3.0KW H30-RS1

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Inline water heater (3000W (3kW) – 230V/50Hz) for whirlpool bathtub, SPAs, and small swimming pool. It can be connected to the inlet or outlet of the pump. When the pump starts, this heater will start itself. It has an adjustable thermostat (0-45 Centigrade) and 60 Centigrade over-thermal controller, to keep the water temperature within the set temperature. Model H30-RS1.

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Heating Element H30-RS1 heater

This is an inline heater element to be connected inline on a 50mm PVC pipe that uses a swimming pool pump 0.37kw and larger. The Badu Eco VSD pump is a good choice.

inline 3000 watt heater element H30-RS1
inline 3000 watt heater element H30-RS1


• Large capacities: 3 kW – Fast heating of spas and pools.

• Electric heater made of ABS – Tough and corrosion-resistant.

• Minimum dimensions – Simple installation even when there is little space.

• Equipped with thermostat 0-45°C – Simple setting of required temperature.

• Overheating cutout and flow switch – Dual safety against overheating and a too low water flow.

• Union couplings for Ø 50 mm pipes – For simple installation.


hydromassage bathtub, SPA large outdoor pool, heating thermostat


Model: H30-RS1
Power: 3.0 kW
Voltage: 230VAC
Frequency: 50/60HZ
Current: 13Ampes
1.5m cable without plug
Connection fittings are supplied to suit std 40mm ID Pressure pipework or 48mm OD


Wiring connection

inline 3000 watt heater element H30-RS1 single phase 220 volt 50Hz
inline 3000 watt heater element H30-RS1 single phase 220 volt 50Hz