P613 Portable Combo Meter – pH/mV/EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity

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P613 Portable Combo Meter – pH/mV/EC/TDS/Salinity/Resistivity

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IP54 Dust and water resistant
pH Range: -2.00 ~ 19.99pH (electrode dependant)
mV/ORP Range: -1999 ~ +1999mV (optional probe)
EC Range: 0 ~ 19.99µS/cm up to 200mS/cm (probe dependant)
Resistivity: 0 ~ 100MΩ.cm / Salinity: 0 ~ 100ppt / TDS: 0 ~ 100 g/L (ppt)
Automatic temperature compensation 0~100°C
Intelligent auto diagnosis of electrode status
Buffer standards selectable – Europe & USA / NIST / China
pH Calibration up to 3 points (select from 5 ranges)
EC unique 1 point calibration (select from 4 ranges)
Automatic calibration with auto buffer recognition
Reading stable indicator
Reset function (Restore factory default settings and calibration)
Standard BNC connector, can use with third party electrodes
c/w carry case, standard plastic body pH electrode, K=1 conductivity probe, temperature probe, mini buffers (4,7+10/1413µS), batteries and manual


E201-C Plastic body ceramic junction pH electrode
E301-Ptc Plastic body Platinum ring ORP probe ±1999mV
K=0.1 and K=10 Conductivity probes
PH-Buffer Set of refill solutions, 4/7/10 – 500ml each
EC-Buffer refill solution 1413uS – 500ml

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Dimensions 17 × 10 × 5 cm