2mm Diamond HDPE White Mesh – 1 meter

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2mm diamond aperture High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) white plastic mesh 25 x 1m roll. Used for insect screen. Order 1 or more meters.

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High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) 2mm diamond white plastic mesh – price per meter

UV Stabilised
Resistant to rot & salt water & corrosion
Resistant to alkaline & acidic condition
Flexible & good tensile strength

HDPE is derived from petroleum and is a linear polymeric chain containing few branches. Technically, it is a thermoplastic polymer with a generalized chemical formula (C2H4)n. As a plastic, it maintains its functionality in wet, rainy or humid environments without any detriment to its quality and usability. HDPE mesh netting ideal for situations where resistance to tensile forces and abrasion is essential.

Some applications and uses

HDPE mesh has many uses. The plastic mesh is used in various screening applications (e.g. cat screen, tree guard, mosquito screen) and filtering applications (water filter, leaf gutter guard, compost screening). The mesh is ideal for screening garden compost before the screened product is applied to lawns etc.

hdpe mesh tree guard
HDPE mesh tree guard

HDPE mesh is used in gardens as fencing as a flexible and light material. High density polyethylene netting is suitable for everything from the support of growing plants to screening and protection against birds and bugs. It can be draped over flowers, vegetables and other plants in order to keep the ravenous critters at bay.

HDPE mesh fence
HDPE mesh fence

HDPE mesh is also used in industries such as aquaculture, agriculture (e.g. the poultry industry) and industrial roofing.

HDPE mesh with chicken egg layers
HDPE mesh with chicken egg layers


HDPE floor screen for poultry
HDPE floor screen for poultry

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