Cultura M incubator

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Incubator for 18 dipslides (contact slides, biopaddles) or 12 Petri dishes and other small vessels.

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Cultura M incubator


For incubation of microbiological samples, the incubator includes a tray with holes ready for dipslides, biopaddles and Envirocheck™ Contact slide tubes. It has a single set temperature that can be set from +5C above room temperature to 45C.

It is used for For incubating 18 dip slides (e.g. ROTI® DipSlides culture medium) or 12 Petri dishes and other small vessels for verifying bacteria, fungi and yeasts. It includes a removable 18 tube rack and a thermometer.


The CULTURA® Mini-Incubator for microbiology has been used for 20 years in the fields of medical and dental diagnostics, food bacteriology and hygiene monitoring, monitoring of coolants, lubricants and industrial liquids as well as of drinking water, industrial process and swimming pool water.

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Dimensions 38 × 25 × 25 cm
Cultura M technical specification
Cultura M technical specification