HYDRO-Pro Professional Triple Sensor Pinless Moisture Meter

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HYDRO-Pro Professional Triple Sensor Pinless Moisture Meter. Generally in stock. Please call or email to verify stock before ordering or checkout with the quote option and we will reply.

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Hydro PRO CONDTROL is designed for effective control of humidity in
various types of wood and concrete. The principle of operation is based on the
dielcometric method of measuring humidity, namely, on the correlation of the
dielectric constant of the material between the moisture content at positive
While interaction with the measured material, the capacitive converter generates
a signal proportional to the dielectric constant, which is registered by the
measuring unit and converted into a humidity value. The measurement results
are displayed on the display screen.
Available types of controlled materials:
8 groups-wood
4 groups – concrete (light, heavy).
A table of materials is in Appendix No. 1;
The main application field: various types of wood processing, as well as
construction and technology, where the moisture content of materials is
regulated by normative-technical or technological documentation.

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