W1000A Laser Range Finder for up to 1000m

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Laser range finder up to 1000m, 6X optical zoom, with distance, speed, angle & height

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The W1000A laser range finder is ideal for outdoor use such as hiking on nature trails, mountain climbing, hunting, trail cycling, forestry work, bird watching, game ranger activities and similar nature events and activities. It will also be useful in building construction for general broad estimates. The waterproof digital rangefinder can determine angles up to 60 degrees, height (vertical distance), horizontal distance, speed. The view has a 6 x magnification.

The rangefinder uses the angle, vertical height and horizontal distance, to calculate the line of sight distance. The eyepiece is focus adjustable to get a clear field of vision.

The portable, ergonomic range finder includes a 800mAh CR2 battery.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

up to 1000m (depending on light and surface conditions)


0.1m (100mm)


±1m (under ideal conditions)

Speed range

18 to 300 Km/h

Angle & height

Yes, angle and height measurement. Angle 60 degree.


up to 6x

Angle distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance laser distance range finder
Angle distance, vertical distance, horizontal distance laser distance finder


Laser finder Speed measurement
Laser meter Speed measurement
Laser range finder rangefinder W1000A specification
Laser range finder W1000A specification